Wednesday Trivia Question

Who was the first human to join the original cast of Sesame Street?

SESAME STREET has been a children’s television fixture for almost 50 years (the series debuted on the PBS precursor NET in 1969). The program brought Jim Henson’s Muppets into living rooms around the world and made learning fun for millions of kids in the numerous generations who have grown up on this beloved program. When the show debuted, the cast featured both humans and Muppets, what writer Malcolm Gladwell called “the essence of SESAME STREET—the artful blend of fluffy monsters and earnest adults.” As the seasons progressed, some changes were made (Oscar was initially orange, for example) and new characters were introduced (for all his popularity, Elmo was not an original, having appeared in a more nascent form in the early 70s, only to evolve into the red, furry monster we know in the mid 80s). But who was the first human character to join the cast after the program’s debut?

Luis is the correct answer. According to the SESAME STREET website: “Luis came to SESAME STREET in 1971, and was the first human to join the original cast. He is a dreamer who follows his heart, and is also an aspiring writer. He sings, plays the guitar, and teaches people about Hispanic culture and language. A great handyman, Luis runs the Fix-It Shop, specializing in toaster repair.”