A Batch Of Cumber

If you watched Benedict Cumberbatch in the recent MASTERPIECE presentation of Ian McEwan’s The Child In Time, you may not have realized that it wasn’t Cumberbatch’s first time bringing McEwan’s work to life. Hear the actor talk about time, trauma and the “cinematic” qualities of McEwan’s novels on the MASTERPIECE STUDIO PODCAST.


Where Do I Know That Actor?

My guess is fans of MASTERPIECE MYSTERY will be enjoying the new police procedural UNFORGOTTEN which debuted Sunday night. The program chronicles police detectives investigating a very cold case while weaving in the lives of suspects and other characters that may or may not be connected. One of the more intriguing aspects of the show for me was the many recognizable faces I saw. Maybe you spotted them too. Let’s see (and heads up – this is a long list).

Nicola Walker stars as DCI Cassie Stuart. The actress has appeared in quite a few shows UNC-TV has aired over the years so she should be well known to viewers. In fact, it’s not her first time portraying someone on the right side of the law – she was DC Sue Upton on A Mother’s Son, DI Susan Taylor on Touching Evil and Ruth Evershed on MI-5. More recently, Walker played Gillian in Last Tango In Halifax. She also had a memorable turn as Helen Bailey in the third series of Scott & Bailey and, in 2009, Walker played Sally in a Masterpiece adaptation of Oliver Twist. Continue reading