Wednesday Trivia Question

On the series As Time Goes By, what was the name of Lionel’s memoir?

As Time Goes By may be one of the most beloved British comedies that UNC-TV has ever aired. Starring the excellent duo of Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as former lovers, the program encompasses the couple’s relationship from initial encounter after decades apart to comfortable wedlock after a rekindled romance. In the first season, Lionel Hardcastle hired Jean Pargetter’s secretarial agency to assist him in writing his memoir for amiable publisher Alistair Deacon and that’s how he first met Judith (Jean’s daughter) and thus became reunited with Jean. But what was the name of Lionel’s book? 

It was titled “My Life in Kenya” and the book was appropriately enough about Lionel’s time in that country as a coffee planter.