Wednesday Trivia Question

What Academy Award-nominated actor guest starred as an animated version of himself on a 2007 episode of Arthur?

The PBS Kids series Arthur premiered 21 years ago this week. 200+ episodes and several specials later, the program just keeps chugging along. Over the years, the series has boasted numerous special guest stars, some voicing characters, some playing cartoon versions of themselves in Arthur’s anthropomorphic animal world. Some of these notable stars include Fred Rogers, Art Garfunkel, Michelle Kwan and the Backstreet Boys.

However, one of the more memorable guest spots was a September 2007 appearance by one of Hollywood’s A-listers as a man-bear hybrid who started a project called “Postcards From You” in which he invited kids to send one-minute videos to air on TV.

So who was the actor? It was Matt Damon. The acclaimed actor portrayed a fictionalized version of himself in a guest role that was much odder than it sounds. If you ever get a chance to see it, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.