Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s Midsomer Murders (“The Magician’s Nephew” – part 1) proved that Halloween is a most dangerous holiday indeed. We also saw a few guest stars that keen-eyed viewers might recognize from other UNC-TV fare past and present. I counted five actors of note that I knew from elsewhere. See if you spotted them all.

Michael Fitzgerald portrayed antiquarian bookseller Hugo Cartwright. He was also Canon Neil Patterson on The Choir and Major Salmon on Sharpe’s Revenge. And he played the Duke of Manhattan on an episode of Doctor Who (“New Earth”).

Ronald Pickup was artefact dealer Ernest Balliol. The veteran actor also portrayed Jeffrey Livingstone on The Jury, Daniel Byrne on The Rector’s Wife and Prince Yakimov on Fortunes Of War. Going back a bit, Rickup voiced Aslan on the Chronicles Of Narnia series which ran on Wonderworks. Continue reading