Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s Death In Paradise featured a trio of guests worthy of mention.

In the episode (“Lost Identity”), DI Goodman receives a little help from his visiting Aunt Mary, played by Wendy Craig. Craig was most recently seen as Aunt Juley in The Forsyte Saga (UNC-EX aired the series within the last few years) however a generation of UNC-TV viewers may best remember her as dissatisfied housewife Ria Parkinson in the bittersweet sitcom Butterflies.

The next guest actor is Robert Daws. He played John Green on Death In Paradise but has popped up in a couple of Masterpiece series worth noting. Going back to the 1990s, Daws was Tuppy Glossop in the wonderful Jeeves And Wooster (Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie played the title roles in that P. G. Wodehouse adaptation). More recently, the actor was seen as Dr. Choake in the Poldark.

Lastly, the character of Neil Jenkins was portrayed by Keith Allen. Like Daws, he’s not a household name, but certainly keen-eyed viewers may recognize him from other fare. For instance, Allen has also been seen in a couple of Masterpiece series. He was Jonas Chuzzlewit in a mid-90s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewit. Going back a wee bit more, Allen played political staffer Thompson in a fantastic series called A Very British Coup.

Death In Paradise continues Saturdays at 10pm on UNC-TV (repeating Mondays mornings at 3).

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