Where Do I Know That Actor?

For the time being, Sunday nights belong to Masterpiece as the evening consists of My Mother And Other Strangers, Grantchester and, now, Prime Suspect: Tennison. It’s the latter Masterpiece Mystery! series that I’ll tackle this week because there were several familiar faces that viewers may know from other programs.

We’ll start with our star, Stefanie Martini. She plays the young Jane Tennison, a role made famous by Helen Mirren in the original series. Martini has only a few credits to her name at this point (Prime Suspect: Tennison may indeed be her breakout role) and there’s nothing major you may know her from on UNC-TV. However, since this is all about connections, I’ll note she did appear on a season three episode of Endeavour (“Prey”) as Georgina Mortmaigne.

Alun Armstrong was career criminal Clifford Bentley. You may recognize the name since I mentioned him a few weeks back when he portrayed Joanna Froggatt’s stepfather in Dark Angel. Armstrong has also appeared in several Masterpiece presentations over the years – Little DorritAristocratsOliver Twist, David Copperfield and Bleak House. Armstrong also played retired copper Brian Lane in the series New Tricks.

Nancy Carroll played Mary Collins but she’ll be best known to UNC-TV viewers as Lady Felicia on Father Brown. Continue reading