Wednesday Trivia Question

What Neighborhood of Make-Believe character came from Planet Purple?

Fans of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood know that the Neighborhood Trolley takes you to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and that’s where you encounter many beloved characters, both puppet and human. Some Neighborhood of Make-Believe characters were residents and others were visitors from other neighborhoods – and beyond. One such visitor came from Planet Purple and would sometimes teleport into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe (teleporting, of course, being the purple way to travel) to visit and maybe obtain his favorite food (tapioca pudding).

But what character was it? Who is this visitor from Planet Purple?

It’s Purple Panda, of course. There was also Little Panda (a character I do not recall so it may have been simply a one off appearance) but Purple Panda – a two-toned purple-colored giant panda with a robotic, monotone voice – was the main visitor from the alien Planet Purple to appear in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.