Wednesday Trivia Question

What is Bradley’s ringtone on EastEnders?

Fans of the BCC soap are no doubt well familiar with one of Walford’s more recent residents – wannabe banker Bradley Branning. Grandson of Jim Branning, Bradley has quickly become one of the show’s more interesting characters and has even developed an on-again/off-again relationship with rough-around-the-edges Stacey Slater. He’s young, earnest, maybe a bit naïve – and definitely has his nerdy side (more than once, Bradley has referenced his love for James Bond). To highlight this geeky nature, Bradley’s cell phone has a particular ringtone that’s a distinctive theme song to an American TV show. But what is it?

Bradley’s ringtone is the theme tune to “The X-Files.” One of his co-workers made fun of it once, so it was even referenced in dialogue at the time.