Wednesday Trivia Question

On The Vicar of Dibley, when Elton John doesn’t show up for a village fete, what pop star steps in to take his place?

If you’re a fan of The Vicar of Dibley then you know much of the comedy comes from the quirky characters and their interactions with the Reverend Geraldine Granger. On the show’s third episode, Dibley holds a fete and Geraldine is adamant about taking in more than the £270 raised the previous year. Geraldine invites Alice’s cousin, Reg Dwight, whom she believes to be Elton John (John’s real name is indeed Reg Dwight). Of course, the Reg Dwight in question turns out not to be the musical superstar but the unexpected appearance of another high-profile recording artist allows Geraldine to salvage the fete.

So who was it? What pop superstar made a cameo on this 1994 The Vicar of Dibley episode to save the day by performing at the village fete?

It was singer Kylie Minogue. Probably best known in the US for her 1987 Top Ten hit The Loco-Motion” (a remake of the early 60s #1 hit for Little Eva – also taken to the top of the charts by Grand Funk Railroad in the mid-70s), Minogue was a bigger celebrity in the UK and definitely had more impact in that country and her native Australia, with multiple #1 hit songs in both countries.