Wednesday Trivia Question

Before he played Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, actor Dan Stevens appeared on several Masterpiece presentations. Name one.

Dan Stevens is hot right now. He’s had the #1 movie in the country (Beauty and the Beast), a successful TV show (Legion) and has several completed projects that have yet to be released. However, it’s Stevens’ early career with which we occupy ourselves today. Stevens had roles in several television movies and mini-series that were broadcast in the US under the Masterpiece brand. So, do you remember seeing Dan Stevens in anything on Masterpiece Theatre or Masterpiece Classic before he appeared in his breakthrough role on Downton Abbey? Remember any of his early Masterpiece offerings?

Okay, I admit this is a tough one. Even if you watched any of the Masterpiece presentations, Dan Stevens probably didn’t fully register on your radar until Downton came along. Yet the actor appeared in both Dracula (2007) and Sense & Sensibility (2008). He played Lord Arthur Holmwood in the former and Edward Ferrars in the latter.

[FYI – Dan Stevens also appeared in an episode of Agatha Christie’s Marple that aired in 2007 but that was before Masterpiece and Mystery! combined so that technically does not count.]