Hey, It’s Photo – Thursday?

Just photo sharing a day early to wrap up a behind the scenes story.

Some months back, I posted pictures of a peahen that had taken up residence outside our building here in the Research Triangle Park. Well, apparently I was not the only one enamored of this bird. She was dubbed Penny. UNC-TV staff also set up temporary housing for her and started looking for a place for Penny to live.

Enter Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a nonprofit located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. The group (which was featured on the NOVA episode “Bionic Pets”) agreed to take Penny and relocation was arranged. The former UNC-TV resident is now living among her own kind at CWR and seems to be settling in well.

Here’s a picture of Penny in her new environs with some roomies.


She was lovely to see here at the station but it’s best she is in a place suited for her species. We at UNC-TV surely wish her well.

My thanks to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue for their role in this peafowl transport and for providing the photo above.