John Clarke (1948 – 2017)

Longtime UNC-TV viewers may recall a gem of a series called The Games which ran during the summer of 2000. The Australian import was a mockumentary about the planning committee for the Olympic Games in Sydney.

The series starred and was co-created and co-written by a man named John Clarke. I can guarantee that no matter how big a comedy fan you are, if you aren’t overly familiar with Australian television and pop culture, the name most likely doesn’t ring a bell. This is not to say the New Zealand-born Australian satirist/writer/comedian wasn’t a massive talent and much beloved in the land of the kangaroo and koala.

Check out this scene from The Games where an incredulous Clarke tries to comprehend why the 100-meter track isn’t exactly 100 meters…

John Clarke died of natural causes on Sunday while hiking in the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Since his passing, there’s been a massive outpouring of love, remembrance and appreciation from fans in his adopted land.

I just wanted to let you know in case you were a fan. If you weren’t a fan, there’s no reason you can’t (or shouldn’t) become one.


Congratulations, PBS!

Finalists for the 76th Annual Peabody Awards were announced last week and PBS programs received 11 nominations.

Here’s a complete list of the PBS finalists…

FRONTLINE “Chasing Heroin”
Documentary Finalist

FRONTLINE “Confronting ISIS”
Documentary Finalist

Documentary Finalist

GREAT PERFORMANCES “Hamilton’s America”
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