Where Do I Know That Actor?

Viewers of Saturday’s Midsomer Murders (“Death and Dust” part one) may have spotted some familiar faces. One may be more familiar than the others but keen-eyed viewers will have recognized them from elsewhere on UNC-TV.

The episode in question saw DCI Barnaby and Jones called to investigate the demise of a physician. Was it mistaken identity? Is it part of a long-seeded family feud? These were just a few of the questions raised by this Midsomer Murder.

Along the way, however, the good detectives met Dorothy Hutton played by none other than Stephanie Cole. If the name rings a bell, it should – Cole played Martin’s Aunt Joan on Doc Martin and starred as Diana on Waiting For God.

The next few actors are less well known but have popped up in notable appearances. First, David Yelland played James Kirkwood in the episode but he’s been seen as Edwin on The Bretts (a 1980s Masterpiece Theatre presentation) and as George on Agatha Christie’s Poirot. He was also the title character’s son, Nick, on Rumpole Of The Bailey. Next, Daniel Evans portrayed David Mostyn. Evans appeared in several Masterpiece Theatre series. He was Robert Cecil in The Virgin Queen, Parson Colley in To The Ends Of The Earth, Herbet Pocket in Great Expectations and Mordecai in Daniel Deronda. Finally, Gareth Thomas, who played Huw Mostyn, was most recently Charles on Distant Shores. Going back a ways, Mostyn could be seen in The Citadel as Philip Denny and Blake’s 7 as Roj Blake.

“Death and Dust” continues Saturday night at 8 on Midsomer Murders.

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