Wednesday Trivia Question

Julian Fellowes appeared as Kilwillie on what series?

Downton Abbey fans surely know the name of Julian Fellowes, the creator, writer and executive producer of the critically acclaimed Masterpiece series. He is also an actor, director, novelist and Conservative peer of the House of Lords. But it’s the acting side that interests us this week. A quick glance at his credits show that Fellowes has appeared in guest roles and bit parts in dozens of series since the 1970s. UNC-TV viewers may have seen him (of course, having no idea who he was or what impact he would eventually have on the public television landscape) in Lord Elgin And Some Stones Of No Value, Rumpole Of The Bailey, Sharpe’s Rifles and Martin Chuzzlewit. However, there was a show in which Julian Fellowes appeared as a somewhat regular or recurring character from 2000 to 2005 (UNC-TV broadcast the first two seasons of this series in 2002). The character’s name was Kilwillie. But what was the TV show?

Monarch Of The Glen is the answer. For those unfamiliar with the series, London restaurateur Archie MacDonald is called back to his highland home where he is informed he will inherit his father’s large estate and castle. A lovely cast (including Good Neighbors’ Richard Briers) was on hand and Julian Fellowes played, of course, colorful local, Lord Kilwillie.