Where Do I Know That Actor?

A bit of a two-fer this week – with a connection! If you tuned in last Friday night on the Explorer Channel, you probably caught Doc Martin and Father Brown, two of our import line-up. Each had a familiar face or three worth mentioning. Let’s see if you noticed.

Last week’s episode of Doc Martin (“Ever After”) saw Dr. Ellingham dealing with a rash of sick schoolchildren. Along the way, there was a trio of interesting guest stars that you may have recognized. The first – Louise Jameson – has been appearing on the last few episodes as Louisa’s mother, Eleanor Glasson. Jameson is well-known to most Doctor Who fans as Leela, companion to the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker). EastEnders fans will know her as di Marco matriarch Rosa, a role she played for over 200 episodes starting in 1998 (UNC-TV would have aired those episodes some years later). Along the way, Louise Jameson played the girlfriend of the title character in Bergerac (the series John Nettles was best known for prior to Midsomer Murders). Continue reading