Wednesday Trivia Question

What actor starred opposite Stephen Fry in the Masterpiece Theatre series Jeeves And Wooster?

The urbane and accomplished actor’s new series (Stephen Fry In Central America) kicks off Saturday night on UNC-EX so I thought I’d reference one of his past works – Jeeves And Wooster. The exceptional adaptation of P. G. Wodehouse’s beloved characters ran for four seasons in the early 1990s and gave some UNC-TV viewers their first glimpse at Fry and his co-star. While Stephen Fry portrayed the very capable gentleman’s personal gentleman Jeeves, who portrayed his employer, the bumbling Bertie Wooster?

It was Fry’s comedy partner Hugh Laurie who played Wooster. The two met at Queens’ College, Cambridge and collaborated on many projects, including the sketch series A Bit Of Fry & Laurie. Laurie has since gone on to become a big name on this side of the Atlantic, starring in House, M.D. and The Night Manager, among other TV series. UNC-TV viewers may recall Laurie from a Great Performances presentation a few years back titled “Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues” in which the versatile actor showcased his musical side in an atmospheric special filmed on location in New Orleans.