Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the name of James Herriot’s wife on All Creatures Great And Small?

A little bit of a Valentine’s theme this week as we look at one of the most memorable relationships to hit the airwaves – that of the Yorkshire veterinarian James Herriot and his beloved wife. Throughout seven seasons and 90 episodes, viewers saw the Herriots’ romance grow from courting to marriage and then to a comfortable family life. This progression was made all the more real as it was given life by Christopher Timothy and Carol Drinkwater (later Lynda Bellingham). And the question is ultimately an easy one for ACGAS fans – what was the name of James Herriot’s wife? Bonus points if you know her maiden name.

The answer is Helen, Helen Herriot. Her maiden name was Alderson. James first saw her on a bus and then later met her when he was called out to her family’s farm to treat a calf with an injured leg.