Wednesday Trivia Question

The public affairs and documentary series Frontline used to have a host – who was it?

Frontline, now in its thirty-fifth season, has a long and storied career. PBS has presented over 600 episodes and the program has won numerous awards (over 70 Emmy Awards and nearly twenty Peabody Awards). One of the most recognizable aspects of the show might be the voice of Will Lyman, who’s been with the show since 1984 and narrated over 200 episodes. But in the early years, there was a host who would, if I recall correctly, present the evening’s fare (not unlike Alistair Cooke on Masterpiece Theatre). There were actually two hosts – one during the series’ first season and another who took over hosting duties until the 90s – so either name will suffice as the answer. But who were they? Who hosted Frontline?

Jessica Savitch was the original host. The late television journalist hosted season one but passed away shortly thereafter. Judy Woodruff was then brought in to host the series until Frontline went host-free in 1990.