Wednesday Trivia Question

What’s the name of Wishbone’s teen-aged owner?

You gotta remember Wishbone – the little dog with the big imagination. The affable Jack Russell Terrier was a staple of PBS Kids during the 1990s and exposed a generation of kids to the wonders of literature. Soccer the dog portrayed the title canine and Larry Brantley provided the voice. But when Wishbone wasn’t daydreaming of wooing his lady love as Cyrano de Bergerac or fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham as Robin Hood, he lived the life of a suburban pooch with his devoted owner and his owner’s mother. So, what was his owner’s name?

It’s Joe – Joe Talbot. Wishbone belonged to Joe and his mom, Ellen, and lived on Forest Avenue in Oakdale, Texas. Joe’s friends, David and Samantha, were frequent visitors, as was next-door neighbor, Wanda Gilmore.