Wednesday Trivia Question

Hugh Fraser portrayed the character of Captain Arthur J. M. Hastings on what television series?

Hugh Fraser is credited with appearing in over 40 episodes of this long-running TV show, so it’s likely you’ve seen him and/or it. The character has been played by multiple actors on both the large and small screen, yet I think most PBS viewers will best associate Fraser with the role. The program in question started in the late 1980s and concluded only a few years ago (of course, this is a British television series so production was sporadic as of the mid-90s). So what was it? On what TV show would one spy Captain Hastings?

“Agatha Christie’s Poirot” is the answer (Mystery! is also correct since Poirot ran on PBS under the Mystery! umbrella). Hastings was Poirot’s friend and confidante – his Doctor Watson, if you will. The character was introduced in Agatha Christie’s 1920 novel “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” yet was featured in only a few Poirot stories. Hugh Fraser played Captain Hastings in the first eight seasons of the Poirot television series and reappeared in the last season (airing in 2013).