Wednesday Trivia Question

Who starred as Winston Churchill in the Masterpiece Theatre presentation Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years?

Longtime fans of Masterpiece may remember this mini-series from the 1980s, presented during the show’s twelfth season. “The Wilderness Years” told the story of Churchill’s life between 1929, when he lost his cabinet position, and 1939, when he joined Great Britain’s War Cabinet – a period he described as the most difficult in his life. But who starred in the title role?

It was the wonderful Robert Hardy. His credits are numerous and, to a younger generation, he may be best known as Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter films but I think UNC-TV viewers will recall him most fondly as Siegfried Farnon on All Creatures Great And Small.

Interestingly enough, Hardy holds the distinction of playing two WWII leaders – each on multiple occasions. He was Churchill in The Wilderness Years as well as The Sittaford Mystery, Bomber Harris and War And Remembrance. Plus Hardy portrayed US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Bertie And Elizabeth in addition to a French mini-series about the life of Charles De Gaulle.