Wednesday Trivia Question

Although best known for playing Lady Aberlin on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Betty Aberlin is an actress who has appeared in multiple films by what director?

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood taught generations of kids that they were valued, loved and special. And for most, the Neighborhood Of Make-Believe was a magical place that was just a trolley ride away. Lady Aberlin, one of the few humans among the puppet denizens of the Neighborhood Of Make-Believe, was a gentle soul who served as a mother/sister/teacher figure to the young viewers. Lady Aberlin was, of course, played by actress, poet and writer Betty Aberlin. Later in her career, Aberlin formed a friendship with a certain director who cast her in small roles and cameos in several of his feature films. But what director?

It’s Kevin Smith – director of Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy. My guess is Smith grew up watching Lady Aberlin on Mister Rogers and jumped at the chance to include her in his movies. FYI – the Internet Movie Database credits Betty Aberlin with roles in Kevin Smith films such as Dogma, Red State and Jersey Girl.