Wednesday Trivia Question

On what Britcom would you see the character of Duane Dibbley?

Duane Dibbley (sometimes written Dwayne Dibley) has been called the “Duke of Dork” and rightfully so. This nerdy, unstylish nebbish has appeared a few times on a television series that has aired on UNC-TV. He wasn’t a regular character per se (and if this hint sounds vaguely cagey, it is purposefully so) but I think it’s safe to say his appearances were welcome if for no other reason than that they shed light on other characters in the show by contrast.

So what was the series? Where would Duane Dibbley appear? It was “Red Dwarf” – the sci fi sitcom featuring a crew of misfits millions of years in the future and light years away from Earth. The character of the Cat (masterfully played by Danny John-Jules) was a suave, vain, self-centered humanoid descended from felines. In several episodes, the Cat’s geeky alter-ego emerged and was given the name Duane Dibbley.