Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Over the years, how television is produced and broadcast has changed dramatically. One of the biggest changes to occur during the lifespan of UNC-TV is digitalization. The shows you watch on your screen are now transmitted from digital files rather than videotape, as was the norm – even a few years ago.

That means sights like the one below are relics of the past.


This is a shot of one of the many shelves in our videotape library. A decade or so back, this library was filled with dozens of similar shelves, all stocked with videotape in different formats. These tapes were broadcast masters, edit masters, raw footage, B-roll and anything that might be used to edit together a program that aired on UNC-TV. Many of those tapes have been transferred to digital. Others have been thrown away because the videotape had deteriorated to the point of not being broadcast quality or even transferrable. A few remain, as those above, and may be retained for archival purposes or future production use.