Free Parking

Last night, UNC-TV debuted the documentary North Carolina State Parks: Environmental Jewels – a tour of nine of the state’s most majestic parks. The program was created by UNC-TV and students at UNC-Chapel Hill. With such a university connection, it makes sense that UNC’s student newspaper featured a piece on the doc.

Check out The Daily Tar Heel article. Plus, catch an encore of North Carolina State Parks: Environmental Jewels on our North Carolina Channel – Monday at 9pm and Wednesday at 3am & noon.


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

One of the many cool things about a television station is that sometimes it seems no matter where you go you can find some sort of apparatus used for broadcasting being stored in various nooks and crannies. Here’s a shot of some studio closet shelves I noticed that are home to a variety of lighting equipment. If you’ve watched a UNC-TV studio production, there’s a chance the studio was lit with one of these.


I can see clearly now – thanks to the lighting equipment!