Wednesday Trivia Question

“Whenever there’s trouble, we’re there on the double” was the motto of what group of teen detectives seen on the PBS educational show 3-2-1 Contact?

Children of the Reagan Era should be well familiar with the program 3-2-1 Contact. The series was a production of the Children’s Television Workshop and the brainchild of Samuel Y. Gibbon Jr, who was the executive producer of The Electric Company. I remember it as a lead-in to Doctor Who in the early 80s so I know it was a fixture of the children’s block on UNC-TV for many years.

The show featured young people in studio and field settings discussing and explaining science topics. It also featured a frequent segment chronicling a group of amateur sleuths who used science to solve crimes. What was the name of the segment and, thus, the name of the teen detective group?

It was The Bloodhound Gang. The kids worked at the Bloodhound Detective Agency for Mr. James Bloodhound. When Mr. Bloodhound was out solving cases the teens would tackle more age-appropriate cases on their own. [As an interesting pop culture note, there’s a band called The Bloodhound Gang that took its name from the 3-2-1 Contact gumshoes.]