Where Do I Know That Actor?

Let’s make it quick this week with a look at a Doc Martin guest star you’ll know from elsewhere. The episode – which aired Friday on UNC-EX – was part one of “On The Edge.” In this episode, several things of interest happen: Martin learns he is under investigation for rude and condescending behavior, a rare bird is seen nesting in the local cliffs and Louisa’s father, Terry, suddenly re-appears in the village. However, the most interesting thing I noticed was that the character of Jonathan (a friend of Louisa’s dad) was played by the talented Chris O’Dowd.

Now, O’Dowd is one of those actors you’ve probably seen before since he’s been in films and TV on both sides of the pond. I think most American audiences discovered him when he appeared in the film Bridesmaids as a State Patrol officer who romances Kristen Wiig’s character, but he’s been in the Channel 4 comedy The IT Crowd, HBO’s Girls and Family Tree and movies like St. Vincent, This Is 40 and Vera Drake.

However, his public broadcasting appearances have been slightly fewer. He had a small role as a headmaster in the 2007 Masterpiece presentation The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard but he will be best known to UNC-TV viewers as Martin’s imaginary friend Sean Murphy on the comedy Moone Boy (last aired in 2015). If you haven’t seen this little gem, fingers crossed it will return some day. UNC-TV has broadcast the first two seasons but a third was produced last year. I’ll let you know if it gets scheduled.

The two-part Doc Martin episode continues Friday night at 8 on UNC-EX.

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