Wednesday Trivia Question

What was the name of Tiffany Mitchell’s brother on EastEnders?

Going to the deep end of the trivia well this week, folks. Even longtime EastEnders fans may not remember this one. Yet the question’s straightforward enough. Tiffany Raymond (as played by Martine McCutcheon) arrived on the scene in 1995 (EastEnders time) to visit her school chum Bianca Jackson and she made her last appearance in 1998. In the intervening years, Tiffany became Mrs. Grant Mitchell and gave birth to a daughter named Courtney. Viewers also came to know her immediate family – parents Terry and Louise Raymond (Gavin Richards and Carol Harrison) and an older brother played by Andrew Lynford.

However, the question remains – what was the name of Tiffany’s brother? It’s Simon Raymond. Simon stayed on the show until 1999 when he left for Europe with his former boyfriend Tony.