Where Do I Know That Actor?

If you caught the intriguing Masterpiece miniseries Arthur & George on Sunday night, you may have noticed a familiar face or two. One stars in another series UNC-TV airs, the other was seen over the weekend in very popular show.

For those who missed it, Arthur & George tells the fictional story of the creator of Sherlock Holmes as he takes a turn playing detective himself. It stars Martin Clunes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Edwards as Alfred Wood, who acts as Doyle’s Watson during the case.

Martin Clunes is certainly a name well known to UNC-TV viewers. In addition to hosting a handful of animal-themed specials (A Lion Called Mugie, A Man and His Dogs, Heavy Horsepower, Man to Manta, The Lemurs of Madagascar), Clunes stars as Dr. Martin Ellingham on Doc Martin. If you go deeper, Martin Clunes (among guest shots on shows like Lovejoy and Inspector Morse) was Barmy on Jeeves and Wooster and Lon in the Doctor Who serial “Snakedance.” He also starred as the titular teacher on a 2003 Masterpiece adaptation of Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Charles Edwards may not be as well known as Clunes but he’s an actor you saw if you watched the UNC-EX Labor Day Downton Abbey marathon. Edwards played newspaper published and Lady Edith love Michael Gregson on that Masterpiece series. However, the role I really found interesting was Edwards turn in a drama called Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes. The BBC program first aired on Mystery! in 2000 and featured a fictional tale of the creator of Sherlock Holmes as he takes a turn playing detective with his medical tutor, Dr. Joseph Bell, essentially becoming Watson to his mentor’s Holmes. In this series, Charles Edwards played Arthur Conan Doyle. How coincidental is that?

The three-part Arthur & George encores Saturday morning at 2am on UNC-TV.

Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and I’ll try to help out.