Wednesday Trivia Question

Who sings the theme song to Curious George?

You may know the show, you may know the song  – but do you know the name of the singer? With roots going back to the 1930s, Curious George is a much beloved character that has appeared in books, films and TV shows. The current PBS Kids program is a fan favorite that has both children and adults singing along to the show’s opening theme, “Like Curious George.” It’s upbeat, jazzy and suits the character perfectly.

So who sings that catchy Curious George title theme? It’s Dr. John. His distinctive voice should be recognizable to any true music aficionado as he’s had Top 40 hits and been a presence in the industry for decades. According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “Dr. John belongs to a prestigious lineage of New Orleans keyboard greats that includes such names as Professor Longhair, Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and Fats Domino.” That’s a great bio – but now we know Dr. John as the voice behind a great song about a very curious simian.