Wednesday Trivia Question

What city was the first North Carolina stop for Antiques Roadshow?

Now in its twentieth season, the PBS series Antiques Roadshow has traversed the nation, separating treasure from trash since 1997. The Tar Heel State has played host to Roadshow appraisers several times but what NC city has the distinction of being the first? You’ll have to think back to season one for the answer but perhaps you were one of the hundreds who stood in line to see if that hand-me-down relic really was a family heirloom rather than a kitschy keepsake someone had picked up at South of the Border. If so, what city was it? What burg in the Old North State did Antiques Roadshow visit first?

It was Durham, North Carolina. Now, if you guessed Charlotte or Raleigh don’t kick yourself as those are great guesses – and have both been visited by the Roadshow (in seasons 7 and 14, respectively). However, Durham was the first NC destination back in series one for the show’s twelfth episode.