Downton Redux

Downton Abbey fans take comfort – even though the series is over, rest assured you have not seen the last of the Crawleys and their cortege. The series is a fan favorite and UNC-TV and PBS will ensure the episodes are viewed again. Sooner rather than later, in fact.

Over Labor Day weekend, UNC-EX will air the entire series of Downton Abbey from start to finish in a mega-marathon that includes all six seasons.

The Downton Abbey Ultimate Marathon begins September 2nd at 9pm with the first two episodes of the series. The marathon continues throughout the weekend culminating with the series finale airing Monday at 9:30. That’s a whole lotta Downton so set your DVRs and clear your calendars for a weekend of exceptional period drama.

Friday, September 2nd: 9pm to midnight

Saturday, September 3rd: 6am to midnight

Sunday, September 4th: 6am to midnight

Monday, September 5th: 6am to midnight

Never seen the show? Miss a key episode? Want to watch your favorite storyline again? This is your chance. Every tear, every fear, every smile, every scowl, every bon mot and every Dowager Countess disapproving look. Every moment’s a masterpiece so don’t miss a single one.

The Downton Abbey Labor Day Marathon. Because you can’t get enough of a good thing.