Wednesday Trivia Question

On what kids show would you see Dirk Niblick?

The late Gary Owens voiced the animated character on a PBS show that some of you may have grown up on. The cartoon segment was done in a style similar to the 1960s series “Roger Ramjet” – most likely because animator Fred Crippen did both (Owens also provided Ramjet’s voice). But what TV series was it? Where, exactly, could you catch the adventures of Dirk Niblick?

It’s Square One Television. The show, which debuted on PBS in 1987, did for math what The Electric Company did for grammar and reading. It may be best remembered for its Dragnet spoof “Mathnet” but the series featured a slew of recurring segments such as “Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade.” Like so many PBS educational shows, Square One TV was an excellent tool for teaching – and extremely entertaining for kids and adults alike.