Where Do I Know That Actor?

Midsomer Murders strikes again. This week’s episode (part one of “Sauce For The Goose”) saw Barnaby investigating a death at a relish factory and featured a handful of actors seen elsewhere on other UNC-TV series. Let’s see if you spotted them.

Annette Crosbie, who played Amelia Plummer in the episode, is arguably the most well known of the five. She portrayed Margaret Meldrew for six seasons on the comedy series One Foot In the Grave. But that’s not nearly all. Crosbie has been acting since the late 1950s so you may have seen her as Queen Victoria in Edward The King, Dorothy Simcox in Paradise Postponed, Connie Tapscott in Summer’s Lease, Janet McPherson in Doctor Finlay, Mrs. Bedwin in Oliver Twist, Edith Sparshott in An Unsuitable Job For A Woman and Mrs. F’s Aunt in Little Dorrit.

Next, David Ross was Sam Hardwick. Certainly, he’s not as big a name as Annette Crosbie, although he did play Mr. Bumble on the same 2000 Masterpiece adaptation of Oliver Twist in which Crosbie portrayed Mrs. Bedwin. That alone might not be enough to earn him a mention here so I’ll gladly add that Ross was the first actor to play Kryten on Red Dwarf. Yes, the wonderful Robert Llewellyn is best known for playing the anxious android on that Britcom but he only began the role when the character became a regular in series three. Kryten was introduced in a one-off season two appearance and, for that time only, was played by David Ross.

Moving on, James Fleet was Ralph Plummer in the Midsomer Murders episode. Again, not a household name but worth noting. Fleet played James Bland on Moll Flanders in a late 90s Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Dafoe’s classic. Also, he played Mr. Bennett on Death Comes To Pemberley and he was Hugo Horton on The Vicar of Dibley. Moreover, Fleet was Frederick Dorrit on the aforementioned 2009 Masterpiece presentation of Little Dorrit (again, with Annette Crosbie). Of special interest, Fleet will be playing Lord Hawthorne for several episodes of the second season of Indian Summers, which debuts next month.

Next, Ann Beach was Sonia Hardwick in “Sauce For The Goose” but that’s not the foremost Sonia for which she’s known – Beach played best pal Sonia to Julia McKenzie’s Hester Field on the 1980s British comedy Fresh Fields.

Lastly, veteran actor Karl Johnson played Derek Lockwood. Going back to the early 1980s, he was Paul Morel in Sons And Lovers on Masterpiece Theatre. More recently, he portrayed Twister Turrill on Lark Rise To Candleford.

So there you have it. The usual gaggle of guest stars on Midsomer Murders. Part two of “Sauce For The Goose” airs Saturday night at 8 on UNC-TV.

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