Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

I often talk about the amazing variety of fauna that can be seen on the grounds of and in the surrounding forest by the UNC-TV studios. In my time here, I’ve spotted deer, opossum, raccoon, ducks, squirrels, geese, egret, groundhog and all sorts of songbird. There may even be a few others I’ve forgotten but last week I saw something new. it was a wild turkey! (At least I think it’s a wild turkey – I can’t recall ever seeing one in person, let alone at UNC-TV, and it matches pictures I’ve found online.) The turkey was scavenging next to our driveway and I saw the gobbler as I was arriving for work. I pulled over and snapped a few pics and the bird scarpered off into the woods.

I haven’t spied the fowl since this initial encounter but I’ll keep an eye out. Here it is…


Poultry in motion


Talkin’ turkey