Wednesday Trivia Question

What Doctor Who actor played an itinerant worker by the name of Roddy on All Creatures Great and Small?

The episode in question was titled “Hair of the Dog” and originally aired in 1980. In it, the vets of Skeldale House encounter Roddy and his dog, Jake, as the duo pass through Darrowby. (The character did appear again in a 1989 episode – but played by a different actor.) Roddy was only one of hundreds of interesting characters Herriot and company met throughout the course of the series but he has the distinction of being played by an actor known for his role in the long-running science fiction program Doctor Who. Do you know who it was?

It was Patrick Troughton aka Doctor Who #2. Troughton played the vagabond named Roddy in the fourth episode of series three of All Creatures Great and Small. As I mentioned, the character reappeared in season six but was then played by actor James Ellis, since Troughton had passed away in 1987. Interestingly enough, when the episode was initially broadcast in November 1989, Ellis had just played the role of Peter Warmsly in the Doctor Who serial “Battlefield” which aired in September of that year. So, technically, two Doctor Who actors played Roddy!