Wednesday Trivia Question

The 1992 program Behind The Scenes, a 10-part television mini-series designed to teach 8- to 12-year-olds about various aspects of the arts, was hosted by what duo?

If you’re not familiar with the series, it was an excellent show developed to illuminate the creative process underlying the working of artists. Each episode focused on a particular art (drawing, sculpture, music, theater, etc.) and featured a respected artist in his or her field (David Hockney, Julie Taymor and Allan Toussaint, just to name a few). However, the program was hosted by a famous duo from the entertainment industry (I won’t say more for fear of giving it away).

But who were the hosts? Penn & Teller. Yes, the celebrated magicians. They have since gone on to host other shows but I believe this may have been the first in which they performed such duties.

By the way, the entire series is available on DVD if you’ve never seen it.