Wednesday Trivia Question

Who was the only character to appear on every episode of Last Of The Summer Wine?

Last Of The Summer Wine was one of the longer-running Britcoms that have aired on UNC-TV. The program ran for 295 episodes – that’s 31 series from 1973 to 2010 – and featured a variety of characters and actors, some introduced in later years and some that departed after only a few series. Still, one actor (thus, one character) has the distinction of appearing in all 295 episodes. Who was it?

Norman Clegg, as played by the wonderful Peter Sallis. The veteran actor was born in 1921 and has played “Cleggy” since he was in his early 50s. While it’s true that Norman Clegg did appear in every episode of the series, the role was reduced during the last few seasons of the program due to Sallis’ advanced age (apparently insuring octogenarian actors on location became problematic).

As an interesting note of pop culture – Peter Sallis also voiced the character of Wallace in Aardman Animation’s “Wallace And Gromit” series.