Where Do I Know That Actor?

This week’s Doc Martin featured an actor that has been seen a few times over the decades here and there. Not a household name, to be sure, but this man is a face you may well have spotted and thought, “Where do I know that actor?” Well, good news – that’s why I’m here.

Nicholas Day played Tom Giddens on Friday’s night’s Doc Martin in which a stomach bug strikes Portwenn and the good doctor demands immediate action. For starters, Nicholas Day has guested on loads of shows we’ve broadcast. He’s been seen on Poirot, Midsomer Murders (who hasn’t, really), Foyle’s War, Rosemary and Thyme (in fact, the episode “The Memory of Water” a few weeks back), New Tricks, Inspector Lynley, Lovejoy and Ripping Yarns (that’s going waaay back).

Day has also had more substantial roles on some Masterpiece Theatre offerings. He played Lord Brackenshaw on Daniel Deronda, Frank Kitson on After The War, Peter Howe on Lord Mountbatten – The Last Viceroy and Paul Deedman on The Citadel.

Interesting note: Nicholas Day will pop back up again on a later Doc Martin (season 3, episode 7) as a different character credited only as “Dry Cleaner.” Perhaps Tom Giddens takes on a new profession, eh?

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