Wednesday Trivia Question

What Downton Abbey actress co-starred with Richard Briers in the situation comedy Ever Decreasing Circles?

You may not remember Ever Decreasing Circles. The series was originally broadcast in the UK in 1984 and UNC-TV aired it in the late 80s. It was an interesting little gem of a show featuring Richard Briers as a Martin Bryce, a man whose insecurities are enhanced with the arrival of a near-perfect neighbor. Paul Egan (who played Hugh “Shrimpie” MacClare in Downton Abbey) was the new arrival. But what Downton Abbey regular played Ann Bryce, Martin’s very patient wife?

The answer: Penelope Wilton. She’s been in series like Doctor Who, Lucky Jim, The Tale of Beatrix Potter, Wives & Daughters and South Riding, but UNC-TV viewers will best know her as Isobel Crawley on Downton Abbey. However, keen Britcom fans may even recall her as Ann Bryce for four seasons on Ever Decreasing Circles.