Wednesday Trivia Question

What two actors starred as brothers in Sam Shepard’s “True West” on American Playhouse?

We’re going deep into the trivia well now, folks. Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard’s “True West” was adapted for the small screen in 1984. It aired on the anthology series American Playhouse and starred two actors who became famous later in their careers. While the actors where not complete unknowns at the time, having appeared on stage and screen in various roles, it’s safe two say they became better known later for other roles and both even went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Actor in a Supporting Role (neither won).

But who were they? Who starred as Austin and Lee in this spectacular “True West” adaptation? Gary Sinise and John Malkovich were the actors. Sinise played Austin and Malkovich was Lee. I’m not sure that this show is on DVD or Netflix or anything (a cursory look turned up nothing) but if it’s out there, I highly recommend it. If memory serves, it was a powerful performance of an excellent play.