Can You Hack It?

If you’ve watched UNC-TV over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen a spot for the UNC-TV Hack-a-thon. If so, you may know the Hackathon runs tomorrow through Sunday in Durham and invites students, professionals and public media fans to engage in collaborative problem solving that will create the tools that North Carolina public media needs to thrive and better engage the statewide community.

What you may not know is that it just all seems like such amazing fun and I will tell you the energy surrounding this event here at UNC-TV is pretty darn electric. I can’t wait to see the results.

Also, here are five things you may want to know about the UNC-TV Design-Thinking Hack-a-thon:

1.  Mike Rugnetta, host of the breakout success PBS Idea Channel, will be the guest speaker on Sunday.
2.  Each member of the winning team will receive an Apple TV and ALL registrants will be entered to win an Apple watch.
3.  The winning team will also be interviewed for a package that will air on UNC-TV’s North Carolina Channel.
4.  College students will be put unto a priority list for a paid internship at UNC-TV this summer.
5.  You can use the code HACK25 to receive a $25 discount off of the registration price of $99.

Go to to get more information on this unique, fun happening.