Wednesday Trivia Question

What member of Monty Python made a cameo in a 1979 episode of Doctor Who as an art gallery visitor?

The serial was “The City Of Death” – a fantastic adventure with fourth Doctor Tom Baker. In it, two art gallery patrons are pretentiously admiring the Doctor’s TARDIS. One of them was actress Eleanor Bron. The other was a member of the groundbreaking comedy troupe Monty Python. But which one? Which Python? Longtime Whovians no doubt know, as do most Python addicts, I’d wager. But do you?

It’s the wonderful John Cleese. Apparently, Douglas Adams, who was Doctor Who script editor at the time (as well as co-writer for the episode), knew the two actors from his connections to Monty Python and Cambridge Footlights. Cleese and Bron were working in BBC Television Centre on the day of filming and agreed to do the cameo. It’s a great scene and well suited to the talents of the duo.