Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

UNC-TV has a repurposing center in the breakroom where employees can leave items for others to use. The lowest shelf is marked “for personal use” and I like to check it out occasionally to see what items folks have abandoned.

Today, I discovered this VHS tape for Reading Rainbow. Since I may be one of the few folks left in the building who still uses a VCR (trust me – out of necessity, not desire), I snapped it up quickly. Not much market for an outdated media like VHS, but I’ll hang onto it for a while. If nothing else, it makes a great conversation piece.





Where Do I Know That Actor?

Oh, what a familiar face on this week’s Midsomer Murders! I almost didn’t bother to mention it but I figured there’s always someone who recognizes the actor but can’t quite place him.

The Midsomer Murders in question was a holiday-themed episode centered around one family’s tragedy and the secrets that boil just beneath the surface. Part One of “Ghosts of Christmas Past” featured Kevin Doyle as the tragic Ferdy Villiers. (He’s in the very first scene, so it’s difficult to miss him.)

Doyle, of course, should be known to every UNC-TV fan but I’ll bury the lead by talking up some minor roles he’s had. He played Inspector Morton on an episode of Poirot and Michael Richards (not the Seinfeld guy) on an episode of Foyle’s War. He played Geoff Hastings on a handful of Scott & Bailey episodes during the first couple of seasons of that series. Last year, UNC-TV viewers would have seen him as Lt Col Roland Brett on The Crimson Field.

By now, you may have placed him if you hadn’t already. Since 2010, Kevin Doyle has been best known as the loyal servant Joseph Molesley on Downton Abbey. The Midsomer Murders was shown originally in 2004, so we’re seeing a slightly younger Doyle in that one. I’ll also note a quick imdb.com search turned up yet another role Doyle had on Midsomer Murders – in 2011! So my guess is it will be a few years before we air that one on UNC-TV.

Part One of “Ghosts of Christmas Past” encores Wednesday at 4pm on UNC-TV. The conclusion of this Midsomer Murders mystery airs Saturday night at 8pm.

Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and I’ll try to help out.

TARDIS Home Companion

Even the most casual fan of Doctor knows that everyone’s favorite Time Lord rarely travels time and space by his lonesome. The Doctor has companions with which to traverse the cosmos – and the newest companion was just announced over the weekend!

Newcomer Pearl Mackie has now been revealed as the latest addition to the Doctor Whoniverse as a new companion named Bill. Mackie has a few stage and screen credits to her name but it’s safe to say her role on Doctor Who is her biggest yet and quickly propels her to celebrity status, especially among Whovians.

Unfortunately, it will be at least a few years before UNC-TV acquires any episodes with Pearl Mackie as Bill (currently, we are airing the David Tennant episodes) but I’m sure Doctor Who fans are anxiously awaiting to see her turn as the latest TARDIS traveler and find out what she brings to the table, er – console.