Wednesday Trivia Question

On Downton Abbey, what was the name of the former footman Daisy married?

One last Downton Abbey question, for the time being. The series may be over but it will forever live in our hearts and memories (and, of course, the repeats). So that brings us to Daisy’s husband, a man she married pretty much out of pity. He passed on yet she kept his name (a minor plotline running throughout the final season concerned Daisy’s relationship with her father-in-law). But what exactly was her late spouse’s name?

It was William – William Mason. He was sweet on Daisy the scullery maid and proposed to her before he went to war. She turned him down. However, when William was critically injured in France and returned to Downton to convalesce, he proposed again on his deathbed. Prompted by Mrs. Patmore, Daisy reluctantly accepted and was by William’s side when he passed away in his sleep.