And The Oscar Goes To…

The Academy Awards were held last night at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and Mark Rylance took home the statuette for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Rudolf Abel in Bridge Of Spies. Most PBS viewers first got a taste of what Rylance could do when he starred in Wolf Hall on Masterpiece last year, so it came as no surprise that he turned in a stellar performance in Steven Spielberg’s latest feature. What may have been a surprise is his win in the Best Actor category. It seemed going into the ceremony that Sylvester Stallone may have been the odds-on favorite but Rylance obviously impressed enough Academy voters to upset the category (if, indeed, it can be called an upset). And well-deserved, in my opinion. So, congratulations, Mark Rylance!

[By the way, I checked and Wolf Hall was not Rylance’s first role on PBS. He  played Henry V on Great Performances in 1997. So if you have that on a on old VHS anywhere, now might be the perfect time to view it again.]