Wednesday Trivia Question

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson have first names. What are they?

The Downton Abbey questions continue. And this is a good one, I think. On a series that addresses some servants only by surnames, it’s easy to believe the characters were never gifted with first names. Luckily, that’s not true and their given names have been mentioned. So how would you informally address Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson (technically, Mr. & Mrs. Carson, but I echo Lord Grantham’s relief that the newlyweds chose to stick with their professional titles)?

Give up? It’s Elsie and Charles – Elsie Hughes and Charles Carson. It’s funny. Even though I watch every episode, I had to look up the answers because the characters are simply so associated with their last names.

By the way, the sad news is that Downton Abbey is almost over. The last episode of season six aired Sunday night on UNC-TV but the entire final season repeats in an all-day marathon on March 6, capped off with the 2015 Christmas special – the very last new episode of the series. Tune in – beginning Sunday, March 6 at 11am on UNC-TV!