Where Do I Know That Actor?

Saturday’s Midsomer Murders was part one of the two-part mystery “Sins of Commission” in which DCI Barnaby investigates murder at a literary festival. Well, keen-eyed viewers may have spotted a couple of guest actors they’ve seen before on other series that have aired on UNC-TV. See if you caught them.

First off, let’s look at Susan Engel, who played Camilla Crofton. She may not be an A-list performer but the veteran actress has been active since the 1960s. She’s most recently been seen in the Britcom The Café as Mrs. Smith. I, however, recognized her almost immediately from her role as Viven Fay in the Doctor Who episode “Stones of Blood” (part of the classic “The Key To Time” multi-parter). Forgive me if that’s a bit of an obscure reference but it was the first Doctor Who I ever watched on UNC-TV so it holds a special place in my heart.

Donald Sumpter is up next (he played Tim Settingfield). Like Susan Engel, Sumpter’s imdb credits go back five decades so it’s possible you’ve seen him in guest roles on series like Poirot, MI-5 and Wallander – he was even once in Bergerac with John Nettles. He was also Nemo in a 1985 Masterpiece adaptation of Bleak House and Parson Tringham in a 2009 adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Part one of “Sins of Commission” repeats Wednesday at 4pm on UNC-TV. Part two airs Saturday night at 8.

Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and I’ll try to help out.