Wednesday Trivia Question

Actor Martin Clunes’ first television role was as a guest star on what TV series in 1983?

Martin Clunes is best known as the irascible Doc Martin, but he has been in a wide variety of shows during his 30-year career. He’s been the presenter of nature shows like “Horsepower” and “Man To Manta” – and he’s played roles both big and small in feature films and on television. But his first role was as a guest star on a long-running series that you may have seen on UNC-TV. (In fact, the episodes with Clunes have been broadcast on UNC-TV, although not for some time.)

What’s the program? Doctor Who. That’s right – Doc Martin got his start on Doctor Who. The serial was “Snakedance” and it aired in January 1983 on the BBC (a year or two later here in the states, if memory serves). Clunes played Lon in the 4-part adventure and it is his first credited television work.